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FoBB Fun Shoot 2021

Returning to the archery field, following the easing of restrictions, has been perhaps a bit difficult for some. Getting out of the habit of shooting on a Sunday morning seems, for many members, to have been the result of not shooting for a fairly considerable time. But it was hoped that a fun shoot would bring people flocking back, so that everyone could shoot as much or as little as they wanted and ease themselves back into the sport.

Originally booked for Saturday 10th July, the fun shoot had to be postponed due to rain and went ahead on the 17th July; in glorious weather I might add. Maybe it was the weather that brought them out or perhaps the chance to have some fun with fellow club members and win some fun prizes. Who knows? But forty archers turned out to have some entertainment and by all accounts they weren’t disappointed.

As you will see from the pictures, the goals were rather out of the ordinary and it was great fun trying to hit something other than the ‘run of the mill’ targets. Particularly the balloons waving about in the wind; moving targets certainly made for a bit of interest and everyone who hit a ‘cloudburst’ had a good laugh.

Food was provided by my partner, Irene, (although I did butter some of the bread!). There was an impressive array of various foods to choose from and many people thanked Irene, saying how much they enjoyed the sustenance. Many thanks to Irene, and everyone who helped out, particularly Jeanette and Josie for their assistance.

One or two people have said that it might be good to make this an annual event; perhaps even twice a year. Clearly, it will be up to you the members to make it known if you think that would be a good suggestion. There may also be other ideas for interesting additional targets and maybe you might want to be involved with organising another similar event? So, please let us know if you think that we should do something similar each year and if you have any comments about the fun shoot on the 17th or any comments about possible future events.

FoBB Summer Work party 2021

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