Deciding to 'Buy a Bow' is not an everyday occurrence, be it your first or your umpteenth, it requires detailed thought and discussion.


Your first bow is always the most difficult, there are so many unknowns; equally your first bow is possibly the most important purchase you will make in the sport. If the purchase is wrong, you may well discard it and turn to another sport in the belief that Archery and you are not compatible. This would be a pity. Hence, we want to get the choice right or as near right as possible. As with any decision making, the solution lies in identifying the problems, gathering as much pertinent data as possible and then making an informed decision. The object of these words is simply to promote discussion and indicate various pros and cons of a few alternative approaches.


Let us start with what I must assume you know at this stage: -


1. How much are you prepared to spend? It is a pity to have to consider this aspect early in the decision-making process, but to most of us it is all important. Obviously, you must have a figure in mind, but try not to be too fixed about it at this stage. Cost will come up in the discussion later so please read on.


2. The type of Bow required; obviously it is necessary to be definitive on Compound, Recurve or Longbow; for Target Archery or Field. Be guided by an experienced archer as to suitable arrow length and type, draw weight. but be aware that most new archers will change arrows, and limbs after the first year of shooting. 


As well as a bow and arrows don’t forget the small bits like a finger tab, quiver, arm guard, sling, bag etc.


The choices at first seem to be bewildering but your finances may/will narrow the field down.